"CrossFit saved my life!"

When I say, “CrossFit saved my life” you may think it a bit dramatic, but it’s really so true! For years, I always thought I was working out when I went to the gym. I would walk on the treadmill or elliptical for a half hour, do the weight machines, some stretching, all while staying by myself with headphones on. I was becoming discouraged when, after years of this routine, I still didn’t see results. About 8 years ago, I saw an ad for a new gym opening up in my town and decided to check it out.


I walked in and was warmly greeted and introduced to everyone (all of which were very friendly) – not what I was used to at all! The instructor asked about my fitness background and I told her that I worked out 4 – 5 times a week. She had me try a 10 minute WOD (a term I didn’t know at the time, but would come to learn VERY well) to see how it went. Ten minutes later, I was dripping in sweat and asking myself, is this what it’s supposed to feel like while working out? I was immediately hooked and asked out loud, “Where do I sign up?”


Until that first WOD, I always thought I used to work out, 4-5 times a week even. I didn’t understand why I was still overweight with aches and pains while doing simple tasks. I couldn’t even go down the stairs at my home without severe pain in my knees. Switching to CrossFit was hard, I’m not going to lie, but afterwards, I always felt on top of the world and couldn’t believe I was doing some of the things I was doing!


It’s fun to reminisce on my first WOD that had running in it – I immediately made it known that “I don’t run.” Everyone told me to just walk/run, do what I could to get it done. It was 400 meters (¼ of a mile) and I had to stop and walk every 100 meters. Now, not only can I run a 5k (3.1 miles) without walking, I’ve run and finished over 100 races! This past summer, I even did a Sprint Triathlon and biked a 50-miler. My knees no longer hurt and I can run up and down the stairs. I’m 53 and don’t take any medications except vitamins.


Switching to CrossFit changed my life in so many ways, not even just physically. I have met so many wonderful people that I’m grateful to call friends. Without the friendships I’ve made over the years, I’m certain my CrossFit journey wouldn’t have progressed as far as it has.


CrossFit saved my life and gave me so much more than just an exercise program to follow. I am so thankful I decided to give it a try 8 years ago!

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