Felicia Davis

Felicia Davis


My name is Felicia Davis, and I’ve been involved in CrossFit since 2015. I had the awesome chance do CrossFit along side olympic lifters, and team USA weightlifting coach Mike Gattone in my early CrossFit days! Early in my fitness journey, it was discovered that I had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. This is a connective tissue disorder that causes rapid fatigue and increased instability of the joints. If you follow the CrossFit games, there are seated athletes that have this same disability! Because my siblings with the same disability have had upwards of 20 surgeries, my goal was to rewrite my future, so I became a CrossFit coach and continue to learn everything I can about modification and adapting. My heart is on fire to help other humans adapt and improve their lives through functional movements that we learn in CrossFit. As your coach, I promise to meet you where you are right now, and we will grow together.

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